A few weeks ago a word in the sacrament hymn we were singing that day really caught my attention. Here’s the verse:

Rev’rently and meekly now
Let thy head most humbly bow.
Think of me, thou ransomed one;
Think what I for thee have done.
With my blood that dripped like rain,
Sweat in agony of pain,
With my body on the tree
I have ransomed even thee.
The Spirit invited me to consider the word “ransomed” as an adjective. A current, present description of myself. I am ransomed. Already saved. The price has been paid. It’s not a future label, it’s a label I can claim today, now, here. If I were in bondage and I were ransomed, all I would need to do is gratefully walk away from my captivity. Free.
It seems a simple concept and yet when the Spirit sends a message to my soul, it’s different.
I thought of that experience as I read this post from Chris (who recently shared his conversion story):