Al Fox Tattooed Mormon LDS convert

Seth Adam Smith recently interviewed Al Fox. He said,

She calls herself “the Tattooed Mormon,” but I call her a modern Mormon pioneer.

Why? Because the story of her conversion so similar to that of the early pioneers…

An LDS Living article also recently wrote about her story.

Al Fox wasn’t looking for religion. In fact, when the missionaries tracted in to her while she was living in New York, she told them she would let them teach her only if they brought her a steak dinner, sure they wouldn’t follow through and she wouldn’t have to see them again.

They did.

But Fox didn’t mind too much, because there was “something about them that I wanted them to come back. I didn’t know why, but I just loved how I felt around them,” she says. That didn’t mean she wanted to hear about the gospel, though. “Every day I saw them, I did everything I could to do anything except talk about the Church, and I thought I was doing fairly well.”

But gradually, she began to open up little by little, and she started reading the scriptures and praying—hoping more to prove the Church was wrong than it was right—but the change in her heart became greater.

Read more about Al’s story at Seth’s blog or at LDS Living, and/or watch the following video interview that Seth did with Al.


Al shares more about her faith and the happiness the gospel of Jesus Christ has given her on her blog and her YouTube video channel.