#byuwc instagram BYU womens conference

If you are on Twitter or Instagram, or are watching posts from friends on Facebook, look for the hashtag #byuwc. Here are a few highlights from talks given so far today:

“Our goal is to lift & love. “- #RosemaryWixom #byuwc Thousands of women are gathering together to sew… http://instagram.com/p/Y0zZppGZRY/ 

It is in the temple that we see who we really are what we can become. #Stevens #byuwc


Don’t measure your worth or your day by society’s standards. #cherylsavage #byuwc

EFY @EFYprogram

Women do not hold 2nd place in the Lord’s plan..without you the plan would not function. #Samuelson #byuwc

Mormon Mommy Blogs ‏@MormonMommyBlog

There is great equality in the temple – we are all equal in the eyes of The Lord. #byuwc