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If you were on Facebook or Twitter over the weekend, you probably saw a General Conference meme (or two, or a lot!) cross your virtual threshold. Do you have a favorite?

Or you can pick a favorite from this collection of LDS General Conference memes over at LDS Media Talk or at Spiritually Thinking.

(If you have a collection of memes (yours or others’) please pass along a link and we’ll add it to our list.)

Editor’s note: What is a meme? It’s a combination of graphics and quotes/phrases. adds the fact that it’s a “cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.” The word was created in 1976.

Editor’s second note: If you are wondering what all the hubbub is about, General Conference is a sacred time for Mormons. It’s a feast for our spirits that happens in April and October. For two days, millions of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gather (using every imaginable new and old communication media, from TV and radio to apps and internet streaming,
+ the 21,000 who gather physically at the LDS Conference Center). We gather with our families and friends and watch/listen to not just a couple of hours, but 8-10 hours of discourses. 

General Conference is a time when we go to God seeking guidance for our lives, and we listen to prophets and apostles and other divinely-called people who help give us guidance and counsel. If you know a Mormon, ask him or her what General Conference means to them. And if you are curious to know what was said over the weekend, archives of the conference are available here.