eve's choice in the garden mormon doctrine

We as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe the Fall of Adam and Eve was part of God’s divine plan for our salvation and potential exaltation. We believe that Eve’s choice in the garden was not a mistake, but a necessity.

A Mormon woman, Bonnie, shares a compelling essay at Real Intent on the Fall . Through reflections on personal experience and scripture (in particular the stories of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price and of Job in the Bible), Bonnie explores why the Fall was necessary, and how life’s heartrending experiences can help us find God…if we will let them.

The call to fail, to fall, was ultimately a call to be reborn. After all, the fruit Eve valued so highly was never meant to save us, but to open our eyes to the fruit that would. If we knew how to be still, how to know that He is God, it would be easier to find our way to the tree of life. But we do not yet because for this reason we’ve come to Earth to learn to converse with the Lord, as Job finally did.

Called to Fall