some angels carry a gas can

~by Michelle

Years ago, when I was a teacher in the Young Women program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I attended Young Women Camp. I don’t remember the exact theme, but I think it had something to do with angels, because I remember singing the song, “Angels Among Us” around the campfire.

I was reminded of this song last night. It was dark and late, but I needed to run to the store to get milk for the kiddos. Sunday night, I had driven around a bit and run the air conditioner, and before I knew it, I had run my car nearly to empty — to the point where I wasn’t sure I’d make it home. We typically try not to purchase things on Sunday, so I’d waited until last night to deal with it.

I had a nervous knot in my stomach as I started the van. I hoped that I had enough “fumes” to get me the half mile to the gas station by the grocery store.

I turned the ignition. (Good start … at least it started!) But then I watched in confusion as the gas needle went well above 1/8 of a tank. Our driveway isn’t slanted…why is it giving me a wrong reading? Maybe the gauge is broken.  

As I started to drive, expecting that maybe it would then settle into showing me the truth, the needle nudged up even a little more. And then it hit me.

Someone put gas in my car.

The feeling that I had was unlike anything I’ve felt for quite a while. I know I’m loved, but to have someone do something so utterly unexpected like that? It was simply amazing.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave a talk about angels that I’m going to write another post about (because Mormons do believe in angels of the heavenly kind).

But Elder Holland also reminds us that:

“[W]hen we speak of those who are instruments in the hand of God, we are reminded that not all angels are from the other side of the veil. Some of them we walk with and talk with—here, now, every day. Some of them reside in our own neighborhoods.”

And some of them carry a gas can.

– – –

Tell me about the angels in your life. 

And is there someone in your life who could use a little help, for whom you could be an angel today?

We … have the opportunity to assist the Lord by providing relief for others, which is the greatest, fastest solution to loneliness and hopelessness and a sure way to obtain the companionship of the Spirit. All we need to do to start offering relief is get on our knees and ask, “Who needs my help?” – Julie B. Beck

p.s. This video is obviously old, but just in case you wanted to listen to the song “Angels Among Us” by Alabama, here it is: