Mormon Sunday meetings

We just received this question from Todd, who writes:

Thank you for your wonderful site and effort here. I am a 40 yr. old man away from religion for many years. I’ve been invited for some time to an LDS church service by a friend of many years. She has often asked me to come with her on Sunday mornings, and now I am thinking of finally doing it. Do you have any general advice? I want to be a good guest.

Just caring about “being a good guest” is plenty, but I think more of the responsibility goes the other way around! I hope you have a good experience and that you feel welcomed by those around you. Feel free to ask your friend questions about anything that is said or done, or about what each of the meetings is about.

Here is some information that we hope might be helpful.

This video,
Attending a Mormon Church Service – Made Simple explains a lot of details of what you can expect at Mormon Sunday meetings.

And here’s another video from

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