As I was heading to bed last night, I saw the front cover of the April 2011 Ensign, which included a story about infertility. Having known many couples who have struggled with this trial, I wanted to link to it in hopes that something therein might be of benefit.

The article addresses the following topics:

– Dealing with (and finding healing in the face of) grief

– Debunking spiritual myths (such as “God must not trust me with children” or “This must somehow be my fault.”)

– Turning to — not away from — each other as a couple (for example, working as a partnership to figure out how to move forward and how to make decisions, and how to focus on the marriage and on blessings in that relationship)

– Serving others as part of the healing process

– Reaching out to a support network

– Looking to the Lord

This article would also be a good read for anyone wondering how to be a support to couples struggling with infertility. The four couples interviewed shared insights and experiences that could be helpful. Another good article to consider might be “Being Sensitive to Couples without Children” and Cultivating Sensitivity to Others