Mormon women hold leadership positions in LDS Church

Q: Do women have leadership positions in the LDS Church?

A: Yes!

You can listen to some of those leaders tonight at the worldwide broadcast for young women, ages 12-18. (Access archives of past General Young Women Meetings.) Elaine S. Dalton, Mary N. Cook, and Ann M. Dibb will be speaking at this year’s General Young Women Meeting, as well as a member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I recently attended a meeting where Elaine Dalton was the speaker. Not only did I feel the power and righteous influence she has for a worldwide audience of youth and their leaders, I also witnessed the personal love and concern she has for individuals. Watching her made me think of the Savior and His love. These women are called by Him to do His work, and are instruments in His hands to help and serve God’s children.


LDS women hold leadership positions in the Mormon Church


You can also access some recent interviews with Julie B. Beck (speaker in the header photo above), who is the worldwide president of the Mormon Relief Society, the organization for women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

-Read some of Julie Beck’s thoughts on what it’s like to be a leader of a worldwide organization for women. She commented that

I’m assigned to be here, and I speak for the Lord. I assist prophets, seers, and revelators who have specific assignments. They are the ones who set me apart for this calling, so when I speak, I speak in that way—as a general leader of the Church.

Again, I  have heard her speak on many occasions. She is bold and bright, as well as caring and concerned about people. For example, watch the videos on multiple links featuring a training meeting with over 10,000 people in Idaho last year. I was again struck not only at the clarity with which she taught a multitude of people, but also to see how she cares for the one. After the meeting, she was mingling with attendees, extending her love and support.

– A training meeting will be broadcast live online next week, where general leaders for Mormon women will be training local female Mormon leaders. More information here.

– Hear a recent interview on the topic of leisure time, blogging, reading, media. As you can see, this is Episode 15 in a series of interviews with general leaders of Mormon women. See the drop-down menu at the Mormon Channel Relief Society

LDS Women leader Julie Beck interview Mormon Channel