~by Megan

Megan Hanks (daughter of Rhyll and Steven Croshaw) wrote a Relief Society lesson addressing the topic of pornography. As a child of a man with a pornography and sexual addiction, she saw first-hand the effects pornography can have on a family. She shares some notes from a Relief Society lesson she gave on the topic of pornography.

I have an awesome family. My parents were married and sealed in the temple. Both set of grandparents were also. I am one of 7 kids ranging in ages from 37 to 21. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. All brothers and 1 sister served missions. Five of us are married, sealed in the temple and there are 15 grandkids. Youngest 2 brothers [recently returned from their missions.] Pretty darn perfect. I love and adore my family.

I could stop there but that is not all that my family is, and this is the real stuff. Pornography and sexual addiction has been a part of my family since before my parents even met. My dad was first introduced to pornography when he was 6 years old. Fifteen years later, because of choices and circumstances, he brought into a marriage with my mom an addiction that was spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically crippling. That continued for 30 years. In those 30 years there were major and devastating lows that were painful and agonizing for my mom and us children. Satan has created this tool of sexual addiction to affect and harm as many souls as it can in it’s wake. The addiction was my dad’s. However the effects were agonizing for not only him but my mom and our family.

The effect on me as a child was significant. HOW DID I FEEL??? This was very hard as a child to not know why I didn’t have a relashonship with my dad.

NOW, as it stands today, for 6 ½ years my dad and my mom have worked tirelessly to find hope and recovery from this addiction. My dad has worked to “re-enlist” himself to the Lord’s army. He has become a valiant soldier who remembers his noble birthright and works one day at a time to earn it. My mom works by his side in her own recovery from the effects of his addiction in her life. She too works one day at a time to live as the Lord has asked her. To have faith and not fear. Know that if she “trusts in the Lord with all her heart and leans not unto her own understanding He will direct her path.” My own experience in this family has brought me to a place of determination and strength. To enlist families and individuals to the battle…..



*the approach that we must take as women will be tailored to the role that we are in. I make an effort to acknowledge that the approach we take will be significantly different in each of these roles. [wife, mother, sister, grandmother, church member or leader] However, there are many basics that will be similar to each relationship and situation you are in. Make no mistake, I do not suggest by any means that this is a male focused addiction. [See stories of women who have dealt with this addiction.] Satan wants all of us. He will use whatever means possible to achieve this.



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Megan also includes a list of helpful resources. (Many are also listed on this page.)