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Seminary is a scripture-study class for high-school aged youth (ages 14-18) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (friends are welcome!). Tonight, there will be an LDS satellite (and internet) broadcast commemorating 100 years of LDS seminary. President Boyd K. Packer will be the speaker.

Many Mormon youth meet in the early morning hours each day, before school, to have seminary classes. Sometimes seminary classes are held in a home, sometimes in a designated seminary building. Because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a lay clergy, LDS seminary is not for any specific clergy training, but is designed for personal spiritual growth and building wholesome, supportive networks of friends.

Hear what some Mormon youth say about seminary:

Mormon youth from Austria share what seminary means to them:

Johannes explains, “For me, being in seminary gives me power. When I go to school and all my friends talk about all kinds of stuff, it’s good to have some spiritual strength in the mornings.”

Julie says: “We have seminaryevery morning. It helps me start the day in a better spirit. We’re more cheerful and happy.”

Ben says: “When I go to seminary, I have better days. It really helps me a lot, even in school. I just don’t seem to have as many problems. The basic things you learn in seminary help in everyday life.”

LDS youth from Switzerland share their thoughts about seminary:

“In school, it’s hard to feel the Spirit, but in seminary, it’s like a warm touch in your heart.” Annika adds, “It’s a feeling you can’t describe. If you just read the scriptures, you can’t feel it as often. But if you study, yes, you feel it.”

Melissa says: ““You feel the Holy Ghost so strong, and you know you are doing what you should be doing.”

(From the article “Seminary Makes Me Happy”)

Dia from the Phillipines says this about the LDS seminary program:

“Seminary gives me the strength to continue to keep moving forward in the straight and narrow path in spite of the difficulties and challenges I encounter…. The things I have learned are the stepping stones and preparation for a greater and more profound knowledge of the gospel.”

Frazer, another Mormon youth, talks about other benefits of seminary:

“It was a relief to know that I had an automatic source of social interaction in Mutual, seminary, and church…. There is something … unique about forming strong friendships with people who love the gospel like you do, have the same standards, share common goals, and believe the same things.”

(from the Church News and Events article Seminary Program Anchors Youth in the Gospel)

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Following are links for the Seminary Centennial Broadcast, which will be held live tonight at 6:00 p.m. MST.

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