Christmas song -- Do You Have Room by Shawna Edwards

~by Michelle

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the “Mormons”) reserve Monday nights to spend with family, for what is called Family Home Evening. Last week, we went to a Christmas “Night in Bethlehem” activity sponsored by a local arts/reception center. They had transformed a room into a bustling Bethlehem, with different “shops” to visit. While we were wandering around the different stations in the darkened room, quietly a young couple entered, representing Mary and Joseph. We watched them knock on the doors of several “inns” and, of course, be turned away.

Then a familiar strain of music began playing, and my children and I looked at each other with excitement. It was one of our favorite Christmas songs, composed by Shawna Edwards, entitled “Do You Have Room?” As we watched Mary and Joseph walk away toward the next room (where we would watch a live nativity to the Bible account of the Christmas story in Luke 2 and sing sacred Christmas music), one of the Bethlehem “residents” began singing some of the lyrics to Shawna’s song.

Do you have room for the Savior? And do you seek Him anew?

Have you a place for the One who lived and died for you?

Are you as humble as a shepherd boy, or as wise of men of old?

Would you have come that night? Would you have sought the light?

Do you have room?


Our youngest daughter was particularly moved by the whole evening, to the point of bursting into tears when we got to our car. She reflected on the words to “Do You Have Room?”, wondering what she would have done to make room for Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. What a tender moment. We talked about how important it is for us to make room for Jesus in our lives now.

As we listened as a family to the First Presidency Devotional two nights ago, we were again able to discuss what things we could do to make the Savior more of the focus during the Christmas season. We decided on a new tradition that I hope will carry into future years.

What are you doing to make room for the Savior this Christmas?

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Photos courtesy of Kelly P. — a woman who kindly responded to my random request to take a picture at the nativity display at the “Night at Bethlehem” activity…my camera was missing in action that night. Even in little ways, people can show kindness and love that makes a difference. Thanks, Kelly.