Mormon reflects on Luke 2 Christmas story in the Bible

~by Michelle

My husband loves languages. He is currently learning Latin. Last night, for our nightly ‘date’ (a routine we have recently begun), as part of our scripture study, he read Luke 2. In Latin. Between my familiarity with Spanish (I served a Spanish speaking  mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), my experiences singing sacred music in Latin in choirs over the years , and the knowledge (and love) I have of (for) what is in Luke 2, I understood enough that I wept. Reading in Latin has a lot of power — and that is one of the most powerful chapters in all of scripture. There were also nuances that reading in another language brought to the text for me.

And I needed that last night. I’d had a hard day. I felt so grateful. (This was after the tender mercy of my husband “just opening up” to Elder Quentin L. Cook’s most recent Conference talk. Again, it was just what I needed.

God is good.

What scriptures help you when you have had a  hard day?