This weekend commemorates the tenth anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, when over 3,000 lives were lost and the world was rocked by the horror of terrorism. It was a time when people came together, however, in a feeling of unity and concern for one another. Faith was also rekindled for many.

Thomas S. Monson blogs at Washington post about 9/11 and faith

President Thomas S. Monson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shares his thoughts on how the destruction and tragedy of 9/11 presented an opportunity for people and a nation to spiritually rebuild. His invitation is for us all not to wait for times of tragedy to remember and turn to God, but rather to be constant in our love for Him and our fellowman as He is constant in His love for us.

Our Father’s commitment to us, His children, is unwavering. Indeed He softens the winters of our lives, but He also brightens our summers. Whether it is the best of times or the worst, He is with us. He has promised us that this will never change….

If there is a spiritual lesson to be learned from our experience of that fateful day, it may be that we owe to God the same faithfulness that He gives to us. We should strive for steadiness, and for a commitment to God that does not ebb and flow with the years or the crises of our lives. It should not require tragedy for us to remember Him, and we should not be compelled to humility before giving Him our faith and trust. We too should be with Him in every season.

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Thanks to Elizabeth Tenety (@onfaith) for her work on the On Faith series at the Washington Post.

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