Editor’s note: As women have commented on the recent post on visiting teaching, I was reminded of this post from a few months ago, and thought it was worth sharing again. I heard Becca share this experience in a Relief Society meeting, and it really touched me. It’s a reminder that while often visiting and home teachers are called upon during significant trials and times of need, service in the ebb and flow of daily life can also be meaningful. (See Emily’s comment for another example of how simple efforts on her part ended up being significant to the woman she was assigned to visit.

Mormon women care for one another through visiting teaching~by Becca

Several years ago, when my children were all very small, it was a very busy morning.  I was trying to get my four little ones dressed and ready to be out the door so we wouldn’t be late dropping one off for pre-school.  I was bent over in the closet trying to find a matching pair of shoes that my daughter would be willing to wear.  Behind me I could hear little voices with different needs and then the phone rang.  I felt frustration as I stepped out of the closet to run get the phone. It was my visiting teacher.  She asked how I was doing, and I responded in my best voice. “Just fine, how are you?” I really did think I was fine, since some mornings felt hectic, like this one did. She told me she was well and asked again, “How are you really doing?” Again, I said, “Fine.” Her response surprised me when she said, “That’s not what I’ve been told.”

I quickly wondered who she had been talking to, and even glanced out the window wondering if a neighbor could see in my window as shoes were being flung from the closet. I said, “Oh! Who have you been talking to?” She said, “Heavenly Father. You see, every morning I pray for you. I ask Heavenly Father to bless you to have a good day and that your needs might be met. This morning, I felt that you might need a little extra help today. Heavenly Father loves you and is aware of you. I am also here to help you in any way. I would like to bring dinner over tonight. What time is good for you?”

I blinked back the tears as I felt so overwhelmed and amazed. Even though this was a happy and good time in my life, some days were hard and overwhelming, just with the daily responsibilities.  Heavenly Father wanted me to know that he loved me and was aware of me and my needs. This dear sister was in tune to the Spirit. She brought dinner over to my family that night and once again reminded me that she loved me and was willing to help me out anytime. She also told me how much Heavenly Father loved me.

A few weeks ago I ran into this dear sister. I told her that I had been reminded of this experience that involved her. To my surprise, she didn’t remember. As I thought about our conversation, the experience I had years earlier became even sweeter. I felt good knowing she had been an instrument in God’s hands to help me, but to her, it was another day. She had not served me to receive recognition, blessings, or other rewards. She truly had acted on inspiration. Sometimes life is like that!  We are impressed to help someone out. It can make a huge impact in their life, and we go on never knowing how inspired we were in our acts of service.