Editor’s note: Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing thoughts and experiences of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about The Book of Mormon. Today, R shares some of her thoughts.

Latter-day Saint woman writes about The Book of Mormon

I consider myself to be a normal woman, married, with 3 children and running around doing all the things that a wife and mother would do.  With all that is required from me and all the struggles that seem to be around us, I have questions and concerns and problems that occur, just like everyone else.  So I turn to the Lord in prayer and ask my questions or tell him my concerns and problems. And you know how he answers me?  Through the Book of Mormon.  I will pray or even just be thinking on something and a few days later I am reading in the Book of Mormon and their is my answer.  It comes so strongly and plainly I can’t believe my name isn’t right there in the text.  I not only know that my Father in Heaven hears and answer prayers, I know that he does it through a true book of scripture, the Book of Mormon.  There are many other reasons I love this book, like the amazing stories of good verses evil, love, betrayal, freedom, loss.  The historical aspect alone of placing events in America with events in the old world is incredible.  But those things pale in comparison with the realization that this book was written for me just as it was written for you.

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