~By Michelle

This weekend, I listened to this Mormon Channel “Conversations” interview with Stephanie (“NieNie”)and Christian Nielson. I’ve heard their story several times, as I’m sure many (if not most) of our readers have. But I was still so inspired by them and their faith and testimony and the love that is in their family. I wanted to be sure people knew about this interview.

In this conversation with Ruth Todd, they share details of the struggles and the miracles, the perspective they have gained, and the lessons they learned through their trial of being in and recovering from a near-fatal plane crash.

If you haven’t yet seen the Mormon Messages video with the Nielsons (“My New Life“), please take a moment and watch. The Nielsons illustrate how faith in God can help us get through the trials we face. As Elder Holland talks about in the video, the Nielsons show how in times of trial, we can come to know God and feel His love and power.

p.s. Many readers have wondered what the song is in this video — it’s Mindy Gledhill’s “It’s All About Your Heart.”