It’s not too late to begin an advent activity in preparation for Christmas (just a few days to catch up on!).

Mike has a free PDF download of readings, called “Glory to God,” with scriptures taken from the Old and New Testaments for each day of the month of December. 

Eric explores the meaning of advent and the origin of advent traditions. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to daily scriptures and musical recommendations. For the second, third, and fourth Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve, he includes “stirring anticipatory episodes known traditionally as the Annunciation to Mary, the Dream of Joseph, and the Visitation.”

Ardis, a Mormon historian, scanned sheet music from older LDS hymnbooks and periodicals to celebrate every day of advent. One of her blog readers then surprised Ardis and her readers by recording audio accompaniment for each of the songs. You can find both the sheet music and the audio files in this post.  This is a unique sort of advent that musicians will not want to miss.

And thanks to Alison for collecting and posting the following Christ-centered Christmas advent calendar ideas. They are all great options for bringing daily devotion into the Christmas season.

Character of Christ Christmas Advent Calendar – Focus each day on a characteristic of the Savior as you read scriptures about Him.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – Daily scripture reading is coupled with an ornament to put on a tree.

Daily Goal Christmas Advent Calendar – Includes scriptures and music and goal-setting each day to bring you closer to Christ.

Musical Christmas Advent Calendar – Music and scriptures together help bring the spirit of the season into your home.

Scripture Christmas Advent Calendar – Yet another option combining scriptures and music.

Service Christmas Advent Calendar – There’s nothing quite like focusing on service at this time of year. Of course, you could tailor the list to suit your family’s situation.

Q&A Christmas Advent Calendar – This would be great for a family with young children — ask questions that help children think about what is happening in the scriptures.