This month, our Church magazines the Ensign and the Liahona were dedicated to the topic of Mormon temples. You can explore the following articles to learn more about why Mormons believe temples are so important. (The Liahona is also available online in several languages; see drop-down on top right of the Liahona home page.)

Houses of the Lord
Blessings of the Temple
Thomas S. Monson
Why These Temples?
Gordon B. Hinckley
The Holy Temple
Boyd K. Packer
A Temple-Motivated People
Howard W. Hunter
Prepare for the Blessings of the Temple
Russell M. Nelson
A History of Temples
James E. Talmage
Things Pertaining to This House
Temple Service, Temple Blessings
Your Path to the Temple
Making the Temple a Part of Your Life
Commonly Asked Questions
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