We have a tradition here at Mormon Women: Who We Are of inviting those who had the opportunity to listen to General Conference to share some of their thoughts.

I’ll start off the discussion.

Some of the themes I noticed were about following the prophets (I plan to write more on this another time); choice and accountability (the word we often use in Mormonism is “agency”); the blessings of obedience and faith; the plague that pornography and other addictions are in our day — and yet the very clear message that there is hope, that such addictions can be overcome. (We’ll be talking more about this subject in the future as well — we’re finding that this is a topic readers are regularly searching and asking about.)

Powerful talks were given about the doctrines related to marriage and God’s plan for eternal families. There is so much there that helped deepen my appreciation for God’s plan for us, and increased my desire to make my family life even more of a priority. Truly, nothing matters more except my relationship with God.

Drawing close to God was another theme of the conference. I am determined to give more attention to my personal scripture study and personal prayers. I have always been one to do these things daily, but I don’t always do them with enough focus and intent.

There are so many other topics that were addressed. It was a wonderful weekend.

And I’m still in awe over the talks that were given last weekend in our General Relief Society meeting.

It is a such a blessing to have leaders we can look to, lean on, and trust to guide us in these exciting but challenging times.

What inspired you? What themes did you notice? What do you want to do better after listening this weekend (and last)?