Last night we had our annual General Relief Society Meeting. Speakers included the Relief Society General Presidency — Sisters Julie B. Beck, Silvia H. Allred, and Barbara B. Thompson. Our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, also spoke.

You can read highlights from the broadcast, or watch the entire video of the broadcast.

Very often, Relief Society sisters gather together in their church buildings to watch the broadcast. Some have a dinner before or refreshments after. This is a wonderful time where we feel the blessings and power of this worldwide sisterhood we call the Relief Society. We love to hear the heartfelt messages from our leaders and reflect on what the gospel means in our lives as women.

To those who watched the broadcast or attended the meeting, we invite you share your thoughts or experiences below. Also, if you have photos or an essay you would like to write to share your thoughts or experiences, please submit (with “RS Broadcast” somewhere in the subject line) to us at gmail, username mormonwoman.

We also welcome any questions from those wondering about what Relief Society is all about, or what being a Mormon woman means to us, or other questions you may have about LDS life and belief.