~by Brenda

Q: Do all Mormons home school?

A:  No. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an international church with members living all over the world and we typically follow the educational norms for our region whether that be public or private, home or boarding schools. A small portion of our members home school when they feel that they can provide a better educational environment at home, others happily send their kids to public school, still others send their children to private school. On occasion members will attend religious private schools provided by other religions – particularly in other countries where public schooling is not offered.

I send my kids to public school. We’ve had a good experience so far. But I am worried about middle school. I would not be opposed to pulling my kids out of school if they fell into the wrong friend group or if I felt they were being bullied by peers or mistreated by the adults at the school. I like having the option of home school and have sufficient education and formal teaching experience to educate my children at home. For now however, I like the education public school provides and my kids are happy.