If you are curious to know what kinds of classes are offered at BYU Campus Education Week, this list of Mormon Times (from the 2009 BYU Campus Education Week) highlights the wide variety of topics that are covered. Subjects include spiritual topics such as the Atonement, Mormon doctrine on salvation and hell, and women in the scriptures. Many practical topics about day-to-day life, family relationships, and emotional and physical health were also covered. Classes specifically for youth are given each year as well.

We’ll be highlighting a few of previous years’ talks here at Mormon Women this week so that wherever you are, you can enjoy a little of what Campus Education Week is all about.

BYU Education Week preview

Chronicle that history or put it in a narrative

Tips for living: Publishing your family history

LDS author gives ideas how to stretch your time

Bennett invites readers to take a ‘leap of faith’
[presentation on the Book of Mormon]

Fearful or fearless at final judgment

‘Tender mercies’ are personalized blessings from God

Chaos normal in motherhood

Nothing surprising in news content about Mormons in 1830

BYU Education Week: Joseph Smith, ‘The Seer Stone’

BYU Education Week: Handmaidens of the Lord

Joseph Smith ‘most influential’ 19th century American

Online predators often start with porn

Finding great movies for families, part two

Finding great movies for families

The Atonement can heal what we can’t’

Life lessons from the happy people of Nephi

Tests are gifts from God

What’s on the Prophet’s mind matters

BYU Education Week: Being positive to your spouse

BYU Education Week: Praying with sincerity

Learning to bear the harsh realities of life

Peterson: God of emotion tricky for other faiths

Happy couples share intimate time together, Brinley says

BYU professor discusses the doctrine of hell

Parents urged to text their teens

Ballam spreads music with ‘Opera With Children

Budgeting money for kids and parents

Twelve ways to be more like Christ

‘Me First’ attitude and the ailing economy

Tom Holmoe give Cougar ‘junkies’ what they want

Silencing the inner negative voices

How are we saved?

Flick shares how to keep a spiritual book of remembrance

Bytheway teaches youth how to get the most out of Sunday

Psychologist at BYU’s Education Week speaks on addiction

Understanding grace through the Pauline epistles

Obesity robbing people of joy and freedom, doctor says

Families are under attack, LDS leader cautions

BYU Education Week: Similarities and basic truths among religions

BYU Education Week: Achievers help all of society

BYU Education Week: Valuing gender differences

BYU Education Week: Nephi, Mary and sacred tree symbols

Education Week is a family affair for many

Breaking up with the world isn’t always easy

Reunion with God not immediate, Y. prof says

Music is the energy of life, Ballam tells Education Week crowd

No need to panic, BYU professor says

BYU Education Week: The diversion of wealth