Michelle B., a Mormon woman, shares some thoughts on the topic of prayer:

Mormons believe in the importance of prayerI agree with C.S. Lewis. Prayer does not change God, it changes me. I know that the Lord is unchangeable and is constant and constantly wanting to hear and communicate with us. He is always there listening and loving. When I pray, even though I know Heavenly Father already knows what I need, I am grateful for the opportunity to humble myself and ask anyway. When I speak to my Heavenly Father I feel a peace and comfort knowing that He is listening and will answer my prayers in His own due time and way. I am humbled to know that with all of the people and events going on in the world, He knows me personally and takes the time to listen to me, everytime I pray. He does not put me on hold, He does not let the machine pick up and return my call later, He is always there, always listening and always communicating. I know that as I keep myself in the right frame of mind, I will hear and feel and know the answers to my prayers and what it is He would have me do to further is work here on earth.