By Amanda

I read a blog post by a friend recently in which the author talked about the different books that have changed her life. My first thought was that I should do a post like that. I am, after all, a big reader. I love to read. I spend time reading everyday without fail. Certainly my list of life-changing books would be long.

So, I sat down and started making a list. Much to my surprise, all I could come up with was:


The Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon has been a spiritual guide for me.  It is a companion to the Holy Bible and has deepened my understanding of all scripture.  It is a testament of Jesus Christ, and I have gained a true testimony of Him in the pages of this book. I’ve learned about His prophets and His life. I’ve found answers to questions in its pages.  I’ve gained peace and comfort from it’s pages. When I’m reading it regularly, I am a better wife and mother.

And that for me is life-changing.