Mormon Women: Family~by Barbara

I am a 25 year old single Mormon Woman.  I love watching and playing soccer, BYU football, reading, playing piano and being with family.

I feel that God knows and loves me every time I am with my family. I see all the little things that come together to make up our family and I can’t help but believe that I was supposed to be a particular member of that group. I have 11 older brothers, and I am the only girl. All my brothers are married. All of them have children. As such—our family grows larger and louder every year. Gatherings are hectic and overwhelming. But more than that, they’re wonderful. My testimony is strengthened at every reunion, big or small, because I can’t think of anything more wonderful than being with that large, crazy, loud group for forever. And I know that it was a loving Father in Heaven who has made that a possibility in my life. Knowing that one day I will have a husband and children to add to that mix and to keep with me forever because of our Father’s love and our Savior’s sacrifice and example is the most wonderful part of the gospel to me. I feel like I belong, I feel like I’m important and I feel like I’m loved, not just by my earthly family, but by my Father in Heaven.

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