Going along with our question yesterday and stories we have shared here, today we share links to inspirational stories of faith and the will to live — and live well — in the face of extreme adversity.

p.s. We know for each widely-publicized story, there are thousands of other stories that may not make headlines, but are also powerful and meaningful. But we need your help to find and share these stories! If you have links like these to share, please include them in the comments, or send us an email so we can share them in future Links We Like posts.

Paul Cardall shares his journey and faith as he records thoughts, feelings, and experiences while waiting for a heart transplant (which he recently received!) Hear an interview with Paul here — the end of the interview is what really caught our attention. He says: “I wouldn’t trade my life with somebody’s else’s…. I think it’s made me a better person…. I hope that what I go through can help inspire other people never to give up; no matter how hard life gets, there’s always a bright side on the other end of things and you may go thruogh some fog for a time, but the fog clears.”

Stephanie Nielson (aka NieNie) recently marked one year since the plane crash that took the life of the pilot, put her husband in the hospital, and left her in a coma in a burn unit for months, hovering between life and death. She writes of family, faith, and finding joy in simple things. Other recent posts we like include: “My Perfect Life,” “Moments” and “Critical Condition.”

Read a recent story (“Blessed by adversity….”) published about Gary Ceran, a man who keeps on keeping on, even after he has “lost three children to cancer. He’s lost twins to premature birth. He’s lost businesses to the economy. And that was before his wife Cheryl and children Ian and Julianna were killed when a drunken driver plowed into the family car on Christmas Eve in 2006.” [In fact, though it’s been nearly three years since the accident, you might want to first read the very powerful story that appeared shortly after this tragic accident: “Holding on: 3 cling to faith, each other.”]

Gary’s swift and heartfelt forgiveness was talked about much in the news during that time.  That spirit of forgiveness was also mentioned, along with other profound stories (including that of the Amish people who reached out in forgiveness when a milkman killed six children in their schoolhouse), in a talk by President James E. Faust given in a Mormon General Conference meeting in April 2007.

What people inspire *you* to keep on keeping on? Please share their stories! We don’t all have extreme trials like the ones above, but we all have trials to face, and we all need a boost now and again.

Do you have an experience you would like to share that helped you face your own challenges? Please feel free to email us at gmail, with the username ‘mormonwoman’

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