by Lindsey

We recently bought a used car. Without going into details, the experience soured near the end when we discovered the salesmen had failed to disclose information and mislead us. My husband went through with the deal anyway and I left feeling hurt and very emotional. It gnawed at me for days. It was miserable feeling the way I did. My hurt and anger consumed me. I was preoccupied to the point that I was unable to put my heart into mothering my children the way I knew I should and wanted to.

Then I realized I was going about this alone and I wasn’t allowing the miracle of the Atonement to work in my heart. If I wanted help, I needed to rely on the Savior, the One who has felt all that I have felt, but a thousand times worse, and who has promised that if we give Him our burdens, He will make our burdens light.

I knelt and prayed to Heavenly Father and pleaded for help, not only to rid me from these terrible feelings but to replace them with love for my fellowman, the salesmen.

And I did receive an answer. It was this:  Laugh! Our life’s experiences are more important than one single event, so enjoy Life!  Have faith, move on and let go!

I finished my prayer and looked up. I actually could see hilarity in our experience. For goodness sakes, the scooter my son had won in the raffle while we were there had broken the first day we charged and rode it!  Our car was missing headrests and the staff that was handing out the movie tickets (incentive to come shop for cars) had left before we could redeem our coupon! What a funny, not-smooth-at-all experience! I envision my husbands car and instead of feeling sick, I smiled!

I am grateful that God cares enough about me that He answers prayers. I was hurting and through the Spirit, He healed my heart. I felt love & compassion for those that had sold us the car. I had left their presence, shaking their hands and was polite and cordial but inside I had been harboring a lot of resentment towards them. I still believe what they did was dishonest, but I don’t feel those awful feelings toward them anymore.

The Savior atoned for our sins and promised to carry our burdens if we let Him.  I turned all my hurt and anger over to him and how grateful I am for him for acting as a Mediator for me.  I am feeling at peace again.