We know there are boatloads of great recipe sites out there. Today, we will only share a sampling of sites that — yes, you guessed it — were created by Mormon women. (As always, though, our purpose is simply to give glimpses into LDS life…not to imply that only Mormon women are worth focusing on!)

Please feel free to share your favorite recipes or recipe sites (the cooks don’t have to be Mormon!) in the comments below.

Our Best Bites — Tips, Tricks, and Tastes from Two Real-life Kitchens

Julie Cooks!

Stephanie Nielson (aka NieNie…if you haven’t heard her story, it’s worth looking up!) has a recipe site, sharing some of her favorite vegetarian meals

Food Storage Recipes

Safely Gathered In

Everyday Food Storage Recipes

My Food Storage Deals

While we are on the subject of cooking, we thought this video clip about a study demonstrating the importance of family dinner was worth sharing.