The following poem was written by a mother who was reflecting on her son’s Eagle Court of Honor. In the United States, Latter-Day Saint (or Mormon) boys ages 8-18 participate in the Boy Scouts of America program as part of their midweek activities. Obtaining the class of Eagle is the culmination of years of scouting training. Every young man who obtains this class distinction has to do an exercise in leadership called an Eagle Project where they organize community members to complete a project that is beneficial to people or the environment in their area.

The Eagle,

He soars,
The winged prince,
Above the world–
Proud, majestic.

Keen eye,
Bright with challenge
Persevering at
Unattainable height.

Olive branch
Clutched with passion
For peace
And dignity.

You have
Caught the vision,
My son,
And conquered him.

~by Dianne Billstrom