-by Brenda

When I was a freshman in college, I took Biology. I was in a class of at least 500 students and my professor, as part of the curriculum, had us memorize the skulls of every primate leading to the evolution of man. Our grade for the final depended on this knowledge. But the final was not the problem pressing on my mind. I was more concerned about the fact that my secular and religious studies seemed at odds.

What to do?

Even though I was only 18 years old, I had had many experiences previously where God had answered my prayers. I had all confidence that He would answer my prayers again. I truly believed that God would give me the answers to the universe. No problem.

So I knelt and prayed in my tiny little dorm room, next to my single bed which was lifted up onto cinder blocks for storage. I asked God if evolution was a true principle, and if He in fact did utilize evolution in the creation of man. Then I waited for an answer.

And I got one.

Guess what God told me?

That it was none of my business.

Apparently, the laws behind creating worlds without number are on a need to know basis, and as a freshman in college, I just didn’t need to know.

But what I did find out, was that God answers prayers. Even the far out, wild and fantastic ones. Sure, my answer wasn’t detailed or life altering. But it was an answer. I went on to get an A on that biology test. Well… really a C, but because the test was graded on curve, I ended up getting an A. Since that time I have forgotten the names and appearance of all of those ape skulls, but I haven’t forgotten the way I felt: close to God, full of faith, and loved.


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