The following poem was submitted by 81-year-old Gloria Carter. She wrote it as a tribute to the past Relief Society Presidents* in her ward [local congregation]. The women in her ward hosted a dinner and presented each of the past Relief Society Presidents with this poem matted and framed.

Elect Lady

Elect Lady and Daughter of God
Yours are the hands that hold to the rod.
You care for the sick and ease their pain
Wipe away tears–no, it’s not in vain.

You lift up the lonely and faint of heart
Easing their burdens, gently doing your part.
You’re always there in time of need
Bringing love and cheer and whatever’s decreed.

You set the example–you pave the way
Doing kind acts of service ev’ry day.
Elect Lady and Daughter of God
We think you’re wonderful and you we applaud.

~Gloria Carter

*A Relief Society President is a woman who is called to serve the other women in her congregation by leading them spiritually and overseeing their temporal needs as well. This “calling” (an assignment in the local congregation) takes hours and hours of service weekly. Women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Satins learn to love and appreciate Relief Society presidents for their tireless service in their behalf. The calling to be a Relief Society President typically lasts 2 to 5 years and brings with it a spirit of humility and love for the sisters of the congregation.