Part of the joy I find in being a Mormon woman is in gathering together with women in my congregation (called wards or branches). We as church “sisters” (that’s what we call each other) have occasional Enrichment meetings and activities. We learn together, eat together, strengthen our faith together, and have fun together. Sometimes the gatherings are large (as in when women from several wards/branches meet together for stake/district Relief Society meetings), and sometimes they are small.

Tonight, I went to an Enrichment activity at a woman’s home. About ten of us gathered in her kitchen, dipping delicious chocolates — caramels, nougats, nuts, fondants, cherries…. We chatted as we dipped. We nibbled as we worked. We chuckled as we made mistakes. (I made many — I was a first-timer.) The talented woman who hosted the gathering even provided gift boxes for those women who had enough self-control to share.

I had a great time. It was a relaxing opportunity to be together, to enjoy a treat we all happen to love, to anticipate the smiles of the recipients of our little edible treasures (I’m giving one to my mom for Mother’s Day) — and especially to savor the blessing that is sisterhood. It’s amazing what kinds of connections and conversations can happen over spinning pot of melted chocolate. I talked to the hostess’s sister who is going through round two of cancer after a 15-year reprieve. Sisters asked me about my life and family. While learning a skill and sharing some work, we got to know each other better. I left rejuvenated and strengthened.

Have you ever wondered what life is like for Mormon women? Do you know a Mormon woman? Maybe you could ask her what the sisters in her area are doing for their next Enrichment activity. These activities are simple ways to get a taste of Mormon life, to see what our sisterhood and our faith mean to us. But beware. You might be surprised by how much fun you can have.

(p.s. To you Mormon women, will you comment here and share what kinds of Enrichment activities you have in your area, just to help people see the variety of things we do?)

-by Michelle