The internet allows us to catch a glimpse into the lives and hearts of Mormon missionaries, past and present. For example….

Past missionaries:

Mormon Missionary Diaries is a wonderful collection of missionary diaries from the past, “second only to that of the LDS Family and Church History Archives in Salt Lake City.” You can search by diarist, by location, or by mission.

Powerful Church video clip portraying Brigham Young talking about a man who inspired him and his testimony of the Book of Mormon, and who ended up baptizing him.

A Mormon missionary’s journey, captured through video:

Websites of current missionaries (feel free to share others of which you are aware — this just a small sampling):

Sister Shields shares experiences from her mission in Iowa, USA.

Elder Darrington’s website captures his life as a missionary in Chile.

Sister Hill shares her experiences in the Czech Republic.

Thoughts from past missionaries:
I was an LDS Sister Missionary” Facebook wall — read simple comments about what missionary service meant to these Mormon women.

More information about Mormon missionary work:

An overview of missionary work, in video format, including information about why missionary work is important in our doctrine, a map showing where Missionary Training Centers are located, and other information.

Mormon Missionary Work
explains more about why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does missionary work. Includes links to various talks and articles.

Meet Mormon Missionaries explains a little about missionary life, and about our beliefs that missionaries teach.

God’s Army: Mormon Missionaries” is a PBS Religion and Ethics episode by John Dancy.

Video celebrating Mormon missionary work (a Mormon Tabernacle Choir video, with them singing “Called to Serve”)

(For anyone interested, you can chat live with a Mormon missionary.)