If you have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when someone makes a video for the first time, now’s your chance.

Perhaps you have heard of MormonSoprano. If you haven’t, now’s as good of a time as ever to explore her blog. Her site is filled with uplifting content. And this video that she created is no exception.

But the post itself about her debut into video-making was just such a fun read, we wanted to share that, too. In her own words….

(And, you know, if you have ever considered making a movie for YouTube, it really is a good read…you might learn from her experience how to save a few steps! {grin})

(As a side note, if you were wondering, first person essays don’t always have to be formal essays, and they don’t always have to be submitted here in their entirety (although original content that hasn’t been posted on your blog will allow us all to work together to share more uplifting content around the web). Links to blog posts work, too, if your site is consistent with our mission here.)