Thanks to Cheryl for sharing this poem.
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With “Fragments,” I was thinking a lot about the year I had just experienced. We had moved to a new state, I was struggling with the effects of Post-Partum Depression, I had four very small children, and I was far away from everything familiar. Although that year was full of struggles and frustrations, I realized that I had amazing joys and moments of complete bliss, too! I saw those moments of happiness as gifts of the Savior –part of His Atonement that made it possible to break through the Despair and Depression. I imagined those pieces of happiness were like glass, ripping through that darkness, and I was able to collect them and keep them in my memory. The other thought that came to my mind was that even though those moments of happiness did not outnumber the moments of darkness, they did outshine the dark! And that even if I had to face a lifetime with infrequent –but always constant! –happy moments, then it would be enough. Enough to be happy.

Fleeting it seems, this Happiness
Which comes not once,
But as shards, piercing through this blanket of sorrow.
Gathering, glimmering,

Hoping, helping,
Reflecting Another’s increasing triumph over covers
Which muffle the voice of truth.
Give me a fragment,
One by one. If carefully,
It will be enough.