Marriage is a central doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As Mormon Women, we receive much counsel about the importance of marriage, the necessity to defend and sustain the institution of marriage, and nurturing marriage relationships.

There are many forces in the world today working against this important element in God’s plan for His children. People are significantly postponing marriage, or not getting married at all. Some want to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships. Some have limited marriage relationships to not include children. Divorce is rampant, as is abuse and other ills that poison potentially loving relationships. And even the busyness of life can cause marriages to fizzle and fade into the background of other things that just aren’t as important.

We rejoice in the truths that we are taught about marriage and family, and the counsel we receive regarding these eternally-important relationships. Embracing these truths changes our lives for the better, and brings a greater measure of joy than we could ever have otherwise. Defending these truths is something that we have been called upon by our leaders to do.

The church teaches the ideal about marriage, recognizing that not every life fills that ideal. We are encouraged to do all we can toward that ideal, and trust in God along the way. We do all we can, and strive to be obedient and faithful. With that counsel, prophets of God have declared that no blessing will be denied those who receive and are true to eternal covenants. The greatest blessings God has to offer are tied to eternal family relationships. We can all hold to those promises, regardless of what our current family situations may be.

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