There are many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who choose to adopt and/or to be foster parents. We believe in helping and serving, in the importance of children in the Savior’s eyes, and in the blessing of a loving family environment.

Regarding adoption, another reason adoption is embraced by many Mormon couples is not just because they care about helping children in unfortunate circumstances, but because of the core belief in Mormonism about the divine purpose of parenting and the eternal nature of families. You will hear many Mormon adoptive couples talk about when their children are “sealed” to them. In Mormon temples, priesthood ordinances are performed that bind families together beyond death. Such eternal marriages are performed in temples (children born to a couple who is sealed are “born in the covenant” which means they are already “sealed” to that family unit). Couples who adopt children and/or who are sealed after having children can have their children sealed to them through a separate temple ceremony.

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