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A Day in My Mormon Life

By Amanda D I am a Mormon wife and mother and this is a typical day in my life: I have three school-aged children so my day starts before the sun rises at this time of year. I get up at 6:15 and start getting kids up and ready...

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Gratitude Prayers

~by Erin As the secretary in the Primary {ages 3-11}, I attend Primary every Sunday. One Sunday the woman giving the lesson talked about how she started setting aside Sunday evenings to give a “thankful only” prayer....

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My Father

By Amanda D (Me with my dad at a petting zoo, circa 1982 or 1983) One of my favorite memories is from when I was a little girl – I’m wearing a dress that my mom made me, my hair is curly and I’m standing on my dad’s toes. He’s...

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That Great Family Reunion

~by Heather L. A few years ago as we were finishing up driving kids to school, my four year old piped up from the back seat: “Mom, if I die, I’ll be with Jesus, and Elvis, and Donny Osmond’s dad, and Donny Osmond’s dad’s wife.”...

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Hope and Healing Blog and Forum (for women suffering from betrayal trauma)

Hope and Healing Blog and Forum

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